Rain Bird Sprinkler Design Guide

Rain Bird Sprinkler Design GuideSpecifications D38946D Rain Bird Corporation 6991 E. Design Guides; AutoCAD; Friction Loss Charts; Manuals; Technical Articles; Technical Specifications; Videos; CONSERVATION. Sprays installed with High Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzles (HE-VAN) efficiently deliver precise, even coverage in smaller. Adjustable arm spring for low-pressure and low-gallonage operation. Gentle close‑in watering eliminates dry spots around the spray head. RD1800 Series Spray Head With SAM Check Valve, 45 PSI. Enter the pipe Hazen-Williams C value: Note: PVC = 150, Aluminum w/ couplers = 120. You can adjust the rainfall setting from 1/8” to 3/4. Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler, Adjustable 0° – 360° Pattern, 8′ – 15′ Spray Distance, 4″ Pop-up Height. A typical drip system can also cut your water use by 50% or more! Drip Irrigation Basics: Selecting Spot Watering Devices. Diffuser screw breaks water into smaller droplets for uniform watering. Free design services and select lawn care contractors get you started right away. 89, the Rain Bird In-Ground Automatic Sprinkler System falls into the mid-range of DIY in-ground irrigation kits. Starting your sprinkler system while the ground is still frozen can result in damage to the pipes. RAIN BIRD Sprinkler System DIY Do It Yourself installation DIY Task Force 1. Distance control diffuser pin (ADJ) on model 25BPJ. For example, each one-inch square represents 10 feet on the graph paper, or each small square = 1 foot. Landscape & Garden Micro Spray Watering Kit. Displaying 1 - 24 of 43 results. 2" Pressure Regulating Pop-up Sprinkler Up to 50% …. This item Rainbird 32sa, 2PK Gear Drive Sprinkler , and 2 Rainbird Nozzle Pack , Rotor Design Rainbird Sprinkler Heads, Rain Bird 32sa with Rainbird Nozzle Tree Rain Bird 52SA Simple Adjust Stainless-Steel Gear Drive Rotor, Adjustable 40° - 360° Pattern, 25' - 50' Spray Distance. Its consistent, problem-free performance means you can spend less time thinking about your irrigation system and more time enjoying your …. Rain Bird Training Services training@rainbird. The pop-up sprinklers are permanently installed underground and connected via a pipe …. All design files are grouped by major sports field type. 1800 Series Spray Head - No Nozzle. There are seven necessary steps you need to include when you draw up your irrigation system’s design. Global Service Plan (GSP) is subscription based service plan. Simple arc and radius adjustment from the top requiring only a flat-bladed. For established and mature trees, proper irrigation continues to be important. The Orbit Sprinkler System Designer (OSSD) can make this step very simple. Full circle (360°) or part circle (20° to 340°) coverage with infinite pattern adjustment. Needs 1 diameter to fit on bonnet. Water Saver brass weighted PJ spray guide arm controls stream, prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways. Rain Bird 32ETI Easy to Install In. U-Series nozzles fit all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters. Easy Fit Compression Fitting System. RPKASVF100 - Replacement Valve Cover/Cap for DAS/ASVF Series Valves. Sprinkler System Planner is a tool designed to assist a sprinkler system installer with …. An itemized shopping list of all the Rain …. slow reverse rain gun sprinklers (7 pages) Irrigation System Rain Bird isa 300/400 Installation, Programming, And Operation Manual Page 9 Rain Bird Technical Service España (800) 247-3782 (USA & Canada only) Tél. Available in 6- and 12-Zone Models. Controller Design and Installation Guides. For the sake of sprinkler installation, try to …. Step 1: Locate the Left Stop or Hard Stop Setting. Rain Bird 1400 Series pressure compensating full circle bubblers provide a controlled, gentle umbrella of water for irrigating trees, flowers, and shrub areas where pressure compensation is required. Easy Installation Compatible with all Hunter spray bodies—perfect for retrofits. Rain Bird irrigation sprinklers set the standard for durability, reliability and efficient watering. It’s time for a little feedback from the roots. Water-efficient low volume streams are directed in full-, half-, or quarter-circle patterns. HE-VAN nozzles have a tactile click to keep the arc setting from drifting over time. 1812APPRS – 12 in Pop-up Spray Head – Adjustable Pattern (0–360°) 15 ft Range with Pressure Regulator. HOMEOWNER TIP: Rain Bird offers our Homeowner Sprinkler Design Service to create your personalized plan with just a few simple steps. UL 486D Listed as a sealed wire connector system. We are able to offer you guaranteed lawn sprinkler. Its long history of reliable performance makes it the natural choice for your landscape. Sprinkler System Design Service Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance direct from the industry's leading manufacturer, this comprehensive service covers all the bases with a complete set of plans to help you install your Rain Bird irrigation system with confidence. RESIDENTIAL SPRINKLER SYSTEM Design Guide 5 SPRINKLER SYSTEM CAPACITY WORKING PRESSURE PSI 25 30 35 45 50 55 Note: Service lines are based on 100' of thick-walled PVC. Top-Selling Rain Bird Irrigation Parts. is preparing for you is based upon drawings and other information that you provide to Rain Bird, and so the Design will be affected by the accuracy and completeness of this information. Use: Light Commercial, Commercial/Industrial. com The Intelligent Use of Water® Spray & Nozzle Troubleshooting Guide 15' Nozzle Pressure Distance (PSI) (Feet) 15 11 20 12 25 14 30 15 12' Nozzle Pressure Distance (PSI) (Feet) 15 9 20 10 25 11 30 12 8' Nozzle Pressure Distance (PSI) (Feet). Designing an Underground Sprinkler System: A Step. Combo Pack - 32SA Rotor Service Kit. With the Falcon 6504 rotor, you can have it all -- uncompromising performance, superior distribution, reliability and durability. Place a stake or flag at each designated sprinkler location as indicated on your layout. The K-Rain K1 Gear drive Rotor sprinkler is a gear-driven sprinkler that delivers a quiet yet thorough performance. Repeat this procedure for ALL manual drain valves on your sprinkler system mainline. Easy To Install Automatic Sprinkler System (32ETI). Ideal for shrub plantings, trees, containers, and flower beds. Do we really need a sprinkler system? A. Among superior performance features is a patented co-molded wiper seal that clears debris at pop-down and, together with a strong stainless steel internal spring, ensures positive. Use a 100-foot tape measure to create a scale drawing of the property, including the. Use for repairing and installing plastic pop-up sprinklers. The videos below will take you through the basics of drip irrigation -- including how a drip irrigation system works, the different types of components used in a drip system, and how to select the right spot. This guide will focus on lawn pop-ups. Rain Bird VAN vs HE-VAN Variable Arc Spray Nozzles. Operates efficiently at low water pressure; 1/2" inlet size. Constructed of heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon, these valves resist clogging and feature an innovative scrubber to …. With everything from budget-friendly and high-efficiency spray nozzles to innovative rotary nozzles, there's a reason contractors …. We've created unique knock-outs for easy pipe placement and reduced installation time – so no more tedious cutting. The first step in installing a drip irrigation system is to connect it to a water source. Setup your own sprinkler system with Rain Bird’s smart watering technology. Whether converting a sprinkler head or installing emitters around your landscape beds, setting up a drip irrigation system is a simple way to save. If you would like additional help …. Rain Bird User Manuals Download. Included are design steps, technical data, installation layouts and …. Rain Bird 42SA sprinkler system rotors can be adjusted to distribute the irrigation water exactly where you want it. Rain Bird's #1 selling pop-up impact sprinkler. The Rain Bird DV/DVF valve is the premium valve product chosen by more professionals than any other valve on the market. standing of sprinkler water distribution. Tip #5: Adjust the distance between lateral lines to compensate for the slope. Behind the simple act of turning on your sprinkler lies a surprising fusion of physics, math, and technology. Grab a bucket of warm water, a brush, your toolbox, and the manufacturer’s instructions for disassembling the head, if necessary. VBRND7 - 7" Heavy Duty Valve Box - Round. gritx™ dsv & gritx™ sdi pc dripline. Cover more area with our rotor sprinkler heads. Founded in 1933, we’ve earned 450+ patents for our award-winning products, which are available in more than 130 countries. Rainbird 3500/5000 Series Adjusting Tool. The pressure-compensating emitter design provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length …. The manual covers the installation, programming, operation and troubleshooting of the controller. Where precision watering is key, Sure-Pop sprinklers offer head-to-head coverage – even in configurations where larger heads produce overspray and waste. We generally get 40 or more inches of rainfall a year. Rain Bird 1800 series sprays are the world's leading sprays trusted by professionals everywhere. Maintaining your Rain Bird sprinkler system is essential for keeping your lawn looking healthy and green. Each full circle sprinkler delivers only 1/4 of its flow into the area between the four sprinklers. The Rain Bird 3500 Series rotor is an easy to use short to mid-range 1/2 in. Options include with or without pressure regulation, for use with non-potable water, multiple options for water savings nozzles, and specialty nozzle spray …. Sprinkler System Designer Log in Search Site navigation Cart. It is based on the GARDENA Sprinklersystem products that provide convenient pop-up lawn irrigation. Include: Buildings, sidewalks, patios,. Place a stake or flag at every sprinkler location as indicated on your layout. Residential System Design Guide. I-Series Customization Options Rain Bird’s complete line of filtration systems an be. The Rain Bird® 8005 Rotor is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions and vandalism present in commercial rotor applications. Rain Bird 32SA Sprinkler: https://amzn. Full-Circle Pattern Nozzle (360 Degree) $1. The main sprinkler system design tool you'll need is a drawn-to-scale map of the area to be watered. How to Design Your Own Lawn Sprinkler System. Choose Explore our helpful general watering tips and educational tools to help you design a sprinkler system that works best for your garden hose reel. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. At the same time, the sprinkler produces remarkably low precipitation rates of 0. The user can also find more information and resources on Rain Bird's website, such as …. Sprinkler System Calculator Tool. " Turn the dial in the timer box to the section for programming the days to water. Home page for, Sprinkler Zone Calculator, Sprinkler layout Calculator, Irrigation system design planner. RD1800 Series Spray Head With SAM Check Valve, 45 PSI Pressure Regulator, Flow-Shield. Customer Support Center 6991 E. 5 gpm to 70 gpm) capacity allows usage in a wide range of applications, making it ideal for drip or spray applications. Types of plant material to be irrigated also dictates which type of component is to be used. These connection kits also incorporate a 150-200 mesh filter to protect the tubing emitters. If you have heavy clay soil, mix some coarse compost into the soil or raise the area to improve drainage. 7m) 5000 - MPR - 25 - Q Model Rotor Radius Range 25' 30' 35' Pattern Q=Quarter T=Third H=Half F=Full Nozzle Matched Precipitation rate 5000 Series MPR Nozzles Perfectly Balanced Coverage with the 5000 …. The following charts provide reference data for the loss of pressure due to friction in various pipe sizes that should be factored in to your irrigation design. Why does my Rain Bird ESP-Me sprinkler timer run through all my stations, stop and then start watering all over again? A common reason why a program is repeating is that you have a second start time set. The first step in designing an underground sprinkler system is to plan out the layout. They are ideal for odd-shaped corners and smaller grassy areas around sidewalks and driveways; they can also be used for watering flowerbeds or. ESP-LXME Control System FAQs and Troubleshooting Guide. The full line of Rain Bird rotary nozzles offers efficient coverage and easy installation. Rain Bird's popular line of polymer impact heads proves that it continues to lead the industry in engineering and design innovation. How to Program a Rain Bird Sprinkler System. Replacement Bonnet Assembly for Rain Bird 1. The secret is in the nozzle's rotary. 46,180 likes · 226 talking about this. This guide will provide you with a list of products and resources you need to properly install your drip irrigation project. Rain Bird Knowledge Center Login. This heavy duty Rain Bird pop-up impact sprinkler is noted for its long-lasting, trouble-free performance with hard water and heavy mineral content that can clog and corrode other sprinklers. Simply put, recycled or reclaimed water is used water that has been cleaned to be used again. On top of the rotor head, you should see a rubber cover with two to three access points. By combining the industry’s only Triple-Blade Wiper Seal with unrivaled Rain Curtain™ nozzles, 5000 series rotors give you even coverage and enduring reliability that the best contractors demand. Simply plug the LNK2 WiFi Module and start managing your irrigation from anywhere, anytime from your mobile device! Compatible with Rain Bird ESP-ME, ESP ME3, ESP-TM2, & RZXe. Plastic Residential Anti-Siphon Irrigation Valve with Flow Control - 3/4 in. Rain Bird's Sprinkler Knowledge Center with tips and recommendations Knowledge Center We're your guide for effortless, environmentally- friendly water solutions. Irrigation Design Tip: Calculating Precipitation Rates. From pop-up spray heads and high-efficiency nozzles to rotors, hose-end and impact sprinklers, our lineup includes a sprinkler for every application. Insulate your assets: Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system. At different pressures, the sprinkler head and nozzle will consume different amounts of water. Rain Bird impact sprinklers provide smooth performance under the most demanding conditions. Low gallonage impact rotor sprinkler designed for low flow and low pressure watering conditions. At the Rain Bird online store you can find the latest smart timers, controllers and sprinkler system products from Rain Bird. Straight through water flow design for superior dirty water performance. Since a decoder system powers the electric solenoids through the 2-Wire path, the 2-Wire path must be able to provide enough voltage to power the solenoids. This bird can be found across much of the United States, as well as in parts of Mexico where it migrates during winter. Installation, Programming, and Operation Guide. With the new SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor Kit from Rain Bird, an irrigation controller is directly linked to the absolute moisture requirements of a site’s vegetation. Design Resources; Champions Are Grown; Impact Sprinklers. These valves are compatible with all …. The 70CH is designed for general field use and for use on mechanically moved For use with Rain Bird SBN-4 Straight Bore Nozzle; Spreader nozzle port uses Rain Bird LAN-1. maximum spray distance and can provide coverage for areas up to 2,827 sq. Our pumps are 100% balanced at the factory for industry-leading quiet operation, and every pump is factory. A: Anti-siphon valves must be installed at least 6" above the highest point of water in the pipe and sprinklers it serves in order for the backflow device to work properly. 5000RCTREE - Rotor Nozzle Tree for Rain Bird 42SA Plus, 52SA & 5000/5000 Plus Series Rotors. The goal is to select the type of device that will cover the area properly using the least number of units. Built for continuous operation for lawn sprinkling and water feature applications, Rain Birds self-priming centrifugal booster pumps are perfect in applications where up to 66gpm are needed. 4 gpm (1 m3/h) and the sprinklers are spaced at 40 ft (12 m) square spacing. • All sprinkler components are removable from the top without special tools, providing for quick and easy flushing and maintenance of the sprinkler. This video guide will help you understand the different types of drip watering products available and how to choose the right one for your plants. RB 100-PGA - 1" Rain Bird Light Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Valve (K1C2) Rain Bird 1" PGA Sprinkler Irrigation Valves are intended for Light Commerical and Heavy Residential Jobs. Swing motion allows for easy and accurate depth setting of the sprinkler head. You’ll only need to measure one item of your yard, like the width of your driveway, for scale and the computer. Add a compression tee fitting and an additional valve to allow the system's water supply to be controlled independently of …. Operations Guide ESP-MC, ESP-SAT, ESP-SITE-Satellite and Special Upgrade O˜er Save an extra 15% o˜ new sprinkler timers and irrigation controllers at the Rain Bird Online Store. Select the perfect tools for the job included in our Maintenace Kits. Rain Bird Corporation and Flume Partner on Next Gen Water Management and Data. Rain Bird 24-ft-45-ft Adjustable Pop-up Impact Sprinkler. Site Map Visit a specific section of the Rain Bird website by clicking a link below. Complete kit includes timer, 6 high efficiency rotary sprinklers with pre-installed 0. Our lineup of irrigation heads offers a broad selection of pop-up heights and nozzle combinations for residential and commercial applications. Heavy-duty stainless-steel spring helps ensure flush retraction every time. RSD Series Rain Sensors offers flexible, multiple rainfall settings which are quick and easy to adjust with a twist of …. The Rain bird 3500 features a dual-action seal that avoids debris such as dirt from getting into your sprinkler. Purchase from the Official Rain Bird Online Store for irrigation. ESP-LXD Mobile Troubleshooting Guide. ESP-LXD-M50 - Replacement 50 Station Base Module for ESP-LXD Decoder Controllers. Step-by-Step Guide: How to Adjust The Rain Bird 5000 Sprinkler Heads. A brass "gate valve" or "ball valve" is usually located right after the "tee" where the sprinkler system cuts off from the main source of water to the house. Turn to adjust the pattern (for sprinklers with variable arc nozzles). First, if not previously calculated, determine the precipitation rate of the circuit. Rain Bird’s Sprinkler Knowledge Center with tips and recommendations Knowledge Center We’re your guide for effortless, environmentally- friendly water solutions. 1800 Series High Efficiency Spray Heads with Dual Spray. Free shipping on ordersover $99*. Homeowner Design Request Form Rain Bird Design Service 2498 Roll Drive, Suite 925 • San Diego, CA 92154 USA • 1-800-426-7782 Preparing Your Sketch Please indicate the lot dimensions on your sketch. The Rain Bird® RSD Series Rain Sensor is an easy to install, durable and visually pleasing rain sensor device suitable for. to/2GIQrkeProfessional Timer https://amzn. Simple zone-by-zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules. Eliminates constant hassling with hose and sprinkler adjustments. The start times control the exact time your ESP-Me timer will begin to water and they also control how many times a day your timer will water. 10 Best rain bird sprinkler Reviews: 1. Both have various throw characteristics. The plan includes detailed drawings that illustrate the layout, pipe route, and placements for sprinkler heads. Rain Bird Support: Homeowners Landing Page. From traditional residential irrigation systems to sophisticated Wi-Fi controlled multi-property groups controlled from the Rain Bird app; we have some of the. The start time is the time at which you want the controller to begin watering. Rain Bird system">Getting started with installation of your Rain Bird system. SLOWLY open the manual drain valve. Then, rotate it by hand so it is aimed at the direction you want the water to spray. By making note of a few key measurements and sketching. finding solutions for performance challenges that may randomly affect Rain Bird® golf rotors. 0: 8-Zone Smart Irrigation WiFi Sprinkler Timer (outdoor) $139. Assurez-vous que votre alimentation en eau, votre aux normes locales de . Rain Bird Ec Irrigation Controller User Manual. Full- and half-circle patterns available. Rain Bird Design Service 2498 Roll Drive, Suite 925 San. and Maintenance Guide for Residential Automatic Valves. Simple, single nozzle selection. The affordable Sure-Pop series offers Rain Bird’s patented …. At Rain Bird, we understand irrigation designers come with varying levels of expertise and industry experience. View & download of more than 497 Rain Bird PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. The filter body and cover are made of high impact thermal plastic, rated to withstand water up to 140° F (60° C) and pressures up to 116 psi (8 bar). When rain arrives, most birds wait out the elements and rely on their water-repellent coats to help them do so. And a primary component of sprinkler system maintenance is keeping your rotors adjusted. Having a lush, green lawn is the envy of many homeowners. Simply consult our comprehensive replacement guide and you’ll quickly see there’s a better quality, better performing sprinkler from Hunter that will fit whatever irrigation need you have. Begin laying out sprinklers in trouble areas first. Options include ¾" inch and 1" pipe sizes, and some models come with flow control features. Find an Authorized Rain Bird Distributor Enter your city & state/province or zip/postal code to find an authorized Rain Bird distributor in your local area. These long-lasting, easy-to-service valves are proven to perform at the …. We have over 25 years of customer service in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney. Featuring unmatched water distribution at all trajectories, the LFX600 is perfect for a wide variety of applications. 0 to 360 degree Adjustable pattern. The yellow-billed cuckoo is known as the “rain crow” due to its inclination to sing as a storm approaches. Our step-by-step video guide showing you how to install an automatic irrigation system. By combining the industry’s only Triple-Blade Wiper Seal with unrivaled Rain Curtain™ nozzles. ESP-4 Installation, Programming, & User Manual. XFS Sub-Surface Dripline emitters are protected from root intrusion by Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield™ Technology resulting in a system that does not require maintenance or replacement of chemicals to prevent root intrusion. ESP-4Si Installation & Operation Manual. RN High Efficiency Rotary Nozzles. to/2UDl7hP🍒 Programable unit only https://amzn. Our lineup of irrigation heads offers a broad selection of pop-up heights and nozzle combinations for residential needs. System irrigation requirement: 1-1/2 in (38 mm) per week. typographical or otherwise,Rain Bird Sprinkler Mfg. The reader should realize that it is not possible in a single publication to cover all conceivable drip design situations that may arise. Divide your layout into sections, pick out the different areas like, the front lawn, side lawn, flowerbeds etc. Where to Buy Rain Bird® Products Find a Retail Store in Your Local Area or Buy Rain Bird Online Rain Bird's homeowner line of irrigation products is available at most major home improvement stores around the United States and leading online retailers. High Flow Inline Pressure Regulators. Open the door of the control box. Plus, heavy-duty construction makes the Falcon 6504 …. over $99* Excluding tubing and valve boxes Rain Bird can help you get started with installation of your sprinkler system. Unfortunately there's not a simple a. This means less cleaning and lower maintenance costs. This guide will provide you with the right tools and resources that you need to design with the latest non-potable irrigation solutions and achieve maximum water savings for your next green project. Simply pull up to flush the nozzle, helping to maintain clear flow and uniform watering coverage. Homeowners can turn the screw clockwise to increase the range of the arc or counterclockwise to decrease it. With OSSD you can easily trace a Google map of your yard, use your own sketch, or just start designing from scratch to get your instant, customized sprinkler plan. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Videos Latest. Water temperature: Up to 110°F (43°C) Ambient air temperature: Up to 125°F (52°C) Solenoid coil resistance: 38 Ohms. Attaches to your outside faucet and installs in a weekend. But like any piece of equipment, they can occasionally need repairs. While you can find cheaper equivalents, they may not …. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires regular watering, and a Rain Bird sprinkler system is an efficient way to keep your grass green. 6 out of 5 stars 2,873 20 offers from $5. , covering more area with fewer heads. The recommended minimum water pressure for the Rain Bird 32SA Rotor is 25 psi while the minimum water flow is 0. The Rain Bird app allows control of multiple timers located anywhere in the world; install app on multiple devices, or securely share control with family members and landscapers. Anatomy of a Water-Efficient* Commercial System This commercial design guide highlights Rain Bird product and technology solutions for a healthy landscape that . These filters provide large filtration capacity for residential, commercial, and municipal drip applications. Save an extra 15% o˜ new sprinkler timers and irrigation controllers at the Rain Bird Online Store. You can also choose from different models with rain sensor compatibility, remote control access, or battery backup. Rain Bird offers a wide array of tools and accessories to help make your irrigation system installation and maintenance faster and easier. Pedestals for Rain Bird Controllers TBOS Series Battery-Operated Bluetooth Controllers If you have any questions or need personal assistance, please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-RAINBIRD (1-800-724-6247) Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. Rain Bird PVB Series PVB10RND 10 in. Learn how to setup and maintain your own lawn sprinkler system with Rain Bird's pros. Durable Removable inlet filter keeps sprinkler free of internal debris. (26/34) plastic residential irrigation valve Combination reliable DVF valve and atmospheric backflow preventer in one unit Incorporates all features of DV/DVF Series valves I. Rain Bird timers are easy to …. Screw the pop-up sprinkler into place, making sure it is as far down on the elbow as possible. This nozzle features two spray orifices for improved close-in watering and more uniform water distribution. Rain Bird SST Smart Indoor/Outdoor Sprinkler Timer. 5 bar) Temperature: Up to 110° F (43° C). Compatible with indoor use including a garage or home, or in a water proof shed. Then draw it to scale, for example, by using one inch. Catalogue international 2023 - Produits d’arrosage automatique des espaces verts. K-Rain; Rain Bird; With the correct sprinkler heads, you’re ready to design the head layout. First, turn the center cap of the rotor all the way to the right until it stops. Installation Welcome to Rain Bird Mount Controller Thank you for choosing Rain Bird’s ESP-TM2 controller. 2 cm) pop-ups n R-VAN24 and R-VAN24-360: “Do not reduce the radius below 17’ (5,2 m)Square spacing based on 50% diameter of throw s R-VAN18 and R-VAN18-360: “Do not reduce the radius below 13’ (4,0 m)Triangular spacing …. The UNI-Spray™ accepts all Rain Bird nozzles, including MPR, VAN and U-Series, making it an excellent choice for watering standard and irregular-shaped turf and shrub areas. Rain Bird® Europe Celebrates 50 Years. Pop-ups should be placed evenly apart with the spray reaching …. Make sure the root area is moist, but do not let the tree stand in water for more than a couple of hours before it soaks in. Unique patented undercut design cuts watering times and reduces water waste in windy …. This versatile rotor offers an attachable nozzle tree with six superior performing Rain Curtain nozzles, and the convenience of reversing …. Two-piece body design for easy servicing (models 33-DRC, 44-LRC, 44-RC, 33-DNP, and 44-NP) Strong corrosion-resistant stainless steel spring prevents leakage. Six outlet manifold with 1/4 inch tubing and Xeri-POP. ESP-LXME Control System Installation and Troubleshooting Guide. Select the right point-source watering solution for your potted plants, flower bed, or garden with a variety of drippers, emitter tubing, bubblers, micro sprays, and kits. 12SAFPROPR – 13–18 ft Mini Rotor Sprinkler – Full Spray Pattern (360°) with Pressure Regulator. Saving water, time and money—that’s what the Rain Bird® XLR Series is all about. Place a rotor adjustment tool or a flathead screwdriver into the access point. 5x15 ft left corner strip pattern rotary nozzle Quickly adjust radius without tools Pull up flush feature clears the nozzle of dirt and debris Multiple, rotating streams uniformly distribute water throughout the radius range Low precipitation rate reduces run-off and erosion …. Orbit® Sprinkler System Designer™ Program at orbitonline. Learn about the geometry that governs your irrigation system. 180 degree fixed pattern Dual Spray nozzle helps prevent dry spots at the base of the sprinkler. Holding the velocity at 5 ft/s (1,5 m/s) is suitable for thermoplastic pipe, but. ESPSM6 - 6-Station Expansion Module for ESP-Me and ESP-SMTe Series Timers. Sprinkler system tools and help. In the More section, select calculators and select 1800 PRS to see how much money and water your customers can save by choosing Rain Bird’s 1800 PRS line of spray bodies. Rain Bird is the world’s largest manufacturer of irrigation technology, leading the industry with innovative systems designed to conserve water and maximize efficiency. 8 mm2 conductor cross section for any type of residential irrigation installation. --CLICK LINKS BELOW FOR PRODUCTS IN/RELATED TO VIDEO--🍒 Rain Bird sprinkler system!! https://amzn. Optional purple flow control handle for non-potable water. Depending on the water pressure and flow rate of your water supply, you can add as many zone valves as needed. How can I clear all the programming and reset my Rain Bird ESP-Me sprinkler timer back to the factory default settings?. com to learn about our e˛orts D40904 - Landscape Drip Conversion Guide Author: Wayne Created Date:. ™ Spray Nozzles Rotary Nozzles R-VAN Nozzles Note: All R-VAN nozzles tested on 4" (10. Increases flow to selected plants as needed anywhere in your landscaping. Say goodbye to old watering methods and enjoy the convenience of automatic irrigation. Rain Bird SST Smart Sprinkler Timer - Programming. Discount applies to controller products only. The Rain Bird Mini-Paw Pop-Up Rotor Sprinkler features a 3 in. Quickly program a schedule in just 3 steps. Residential and Light Commercial Rotary and Spray Sprinklers PGP® Gear Driven Rotary Sprinklers To Replace Use Hunter Nozzle Rain Bird®. Sports Field Designs Rain Bird detail drawings for Sports Field Irrigation products are now available in two popular formats: DWG for AutoCad users, and PDF for easy viewing and printing. 4 1 2 3 Homeowner Design Request Form Rev. This Item: ESP4ME3 - Indoor/Outdoor 120V Irrigation Controller (LNK WiFi Compatible) $254. One dimension in the spacing pattern is 70 ft (21 m), …. This Item: 2045A - Maxi-Paw Impact Rotor Pop-Up Sprinklers. The webpage provides the user manual for the Rain Bird EC Controller, a simple and reliable irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications. Factory installed 6’ outdoor rated power cord for your convenience Simple to Program. Precip-Mate ® Sprinkler System Calculator Home Page. Rain Bird Corporation 970 West Sierra Madre Avenue Azusa, CA 91702 Phone: (626) 812-3400 • Fax: (626) 812-3411 www. Get free irrigation design services from Rain Bird. Up to 5200 square feet of uniform coverage. Technical Support: 1-800-RAIN BIRD 1 Quick Reference Guide If you want to: INTRODUCTION Congratulations on purchasing a Rain Bird ESP solid state controller. This valve can be applied with all types of watering devices including Rain Bird spray heads (1800, 600), and rotors (22SA, 32SA, 42SA+, 52SA, LG3 and AG5). Install the same controller on residential and light commercial sites – the more stations you add, the more you save, providing you and your customers with more value for the money. In this helpful video, we'll show you the steps to a perfect sprinkler system installation, including trenching, connecting the water source, installing shut-off valves, working with …. RAIN CLOCK PC-104 Owner's Manual. Options include with or without pressure regulation, for use with non-potable water, multiple options for water. Rain Bird Sprinkler Parts — Sprinkler Supply Store. See how Rain Bird puts every component to the test and backs it up with world-class professional support to exceed every expectation. Believe it or not, a sprinkler system like the Rain Bird can save water compared to watering by hand. ESP-LXD 2-Wire Decoder System …. This Item: SST600OUT – 6-Station Outdoor SST “Simple to Set” Irrigation Timer. This Item: 32SA/4PK - 32SA Simple Adjust Series Closed-Case ½” Inlet Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler - 4 Pack. Rain Bird’s newest 2-Wire Controller has many powerful new features like the Integrated Valve Module that stays in constant communication with the controller to provide efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics. With 90°, 180°, 360° and Adjustable nozzles available, almost any layout is possible. This high quality product saves water by automatically measuring precipitation amounts and suspends irrigation cycles when watering is. The rotor distributes larger water droplets that cover evenly throughout. HELLO!In this video, we will know about Troubleshooting Rain Bird Sprinkler System. toll-free at 1-800-RAINBIRD (1-800-724-6247) Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. Uniformity Pro is an online selection tool that helps you pick the best Rain Bird LF™ Series nozzle and deflector combination for your agricultural irrigation needs. LNK2 WiFi Module for Rain Bird ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me Series Controllers. Follow these simple steps to install an automatic irrigation system in one afternoon. The #1 selling commercial grade pop-up sprinklers in the world, Rain Bird 1800 Series sprinkler heads provide unmatched reliability in all climates and soil types. We have 2 Rain Bird ESP-6TM manuals available for free PDF download: Installation, Programming, Operating, Installation, Quick Reference Guide. Its unique reverse-flow design helps prevent flooding in the event of internal diaphragm failure, keeping the valve. Order • Even coverage with Rain Curtain™ technology • Easier adjustment with slip clutch • No stick-ups with tapered self cleaning stem • Self-fl ushing arc adjustment port • Worry free 5-year warranty. high efficiency variable arc nozzle Patent pending Flow Control Technology delivers superior close-in watering and uniform coverage across the entire spray pattern Rain Bird HE-VAN Nozzles achieve greater than a 70% average DULQ—more than a 40% improvement over existing variable arc nozzles Meet tight watering windows with ease …. Non-volatile (100-year) program memory keeps your schedule safe when batteries die or are changed. This manual describes how to in- Upgrading to a new Rain Bird sprinkler timer is easier than you might think. b To avoid the possibility of damage to the pump, connect a short jumper wire from any unused. Controls up to 12 sprinkler zones. Number 1 best selling sprinkler in the world. With its extensive customer identified features, it is versatile enough to fit all applications. ESP-LXME Installation, Programming & Operation Manual. Search "Close (esc)" View more Pause slideshow Play slideshow. Rain Bird provides a broad range of irrigation products for farms, golf courses, sports arenas, commercial developments, and homes. Combo Pack - 42SA and 52SA Service Kit. Excellent choice for reclaimed water irrigation systems. Audrey Bruno • November 08, 2022. Catálogo 2023 - Productos internacionales para riego de jardines. Create healthy and beautiful landscapes that have lasting benefits for your clients. Move the sprinkler head by hand to adjust the watering direction. Obviously, you will have to turn off your sprinkler system before you start doing anything. Lack of design know-how can also cost the system owner more money because the designer may over-design the system to avoid unknown factors. Dual program sprinkler timer owners manual / operating guide / installation guide 4/6 station / with pump start (14 pages) Timer Rain Bird ISM Instruction Manual (42 pages) Timer Rain Bird ESP-4TM Installation, Programming, Operating (40 pages) Timer Rain Bird PC 506 Series Installation, Programming, And Operation Manual. Excluding tubing and valve boxes. Sierra Madre Ave Azusa, CA 91702 USA Phone: (626) 963-9311 Fax: (626) 852-7343 Rain Bird Technical Services (800) RAINBIRD (1-800-724-6247) (U. Dual Spray Series High Efficiency Spray Nozzles. WATCH VIDEO SPRINKLER DESIGN SERVICE Sports Field Designs Rain Bird detail drawings for sports field irrigation products are now available in two popular formats: …. Top Color-coding makes it easy to verify proper nozzle installation, even when system is not operating. Click Download Preparation Guide to help you get started. Commercial projects demand more from an irrigation system. 5000 Series Part-Circle Pattern (40-360 Degree) Rotor Pop-Up Sprinkler. Waters your lawn automatically the whole season. Watering your Lawn Efficiently: The Advantages of an Automatic Sprinkler System. Rain Bird and let us guide you through the …. Trusted for decades, Rain Bird MPR Nozzles feature Matched Precipitation Rate watering distribution technology. No matter the level of assistance you need, we have the solution for you and your team. Pressure Loss through Water Meters: Reference. Brass, bronze, and stainless steel construction lasts longer than competitors' zinc sprinklers. Rain Bird sprinkler repair help, information and sprinkler support. Rain Bird 32ETI Installation Guide. Built for high-end residential and light commercial applications, Rain Bird® PGA series valves are the toughest, most reliable valves in their class. This gives you tremendous flexibility in designing your system – to minimize, or possibly eliminate, the need to dig trenches in your lawn; 3. The benefit of Rain Bird Dual Spray nozzles is clearly visible in side-by-side comparisons with standard, single-orifice spray nozzles. And with a radius of 8 to 81 ft. Left Corner Strip Pattern Rotary Nozzles. NEW Quick Pair Technology for seamless set-up WiFi access for real-time alerts and automatic weather adjustments that can save water and money Controller access through the Rain Bird mobile app with or without WiFi Check out our …. Rain Bird sprinkler repair help, information and sprinkler support. (for 12 AP/15/18 series models) Some advanced adjustable Rain Bird sprinkler heads have an additional adjustable tab on the top with (+) and (-) signs on the sides (2SA/42SA/42SA+/52SA series models). Used for routine maintenance of Rain Bird pop-up impact sprinkler models LG-3 and AG-5, this tool makes quick work of servicing the sprinkler’s internal assembly. Features the same rugged gear-drive rotors used in professionally installed Rain Bird systems ; With included nozzles each rotor provides a 15' watering range at the average home's 45 psi water pressure ; System includes (12) additional nozzles to fine-tune sprinkler coverage and conserve water. New timers are easier to program than. signs or luminaries) Wire Type: Copper/Copper Do not use on Aluminum wire. Sprinkler system design services at Rain Bird. Sprinkler Planning & Installation Guide. R-VAN provides a full line of high-performance rotary …. If a site’s soil moisture level is above the threshold, …. Prevents loss of parts during field service; Three-year trade warranty; Accommodates optional, field-installed PRS-D pressure regulating dial to ensure optimum sprinkler performance; Accepts latching solenoid for use with Rain Bird battery-operated controllers. Repeat this step for all of the pop-up sprinklers. If you are tired of hassling with hose and sprinklers and getting poor results from manual watering, this new automatic system is a perfect solution. Easy to install and adjust; full (360°) or part circle (20° to 340°) coverage with infinite pattern adjustment. Maximum watering area with all heads set to full circle pattern: 3050. Disassemble, inspect for damage or foreign materials, clean andreassemble. Water seeps slowly from some sprinklers, after valve shuts off. A well-maintained lawn livens up its surroundings and is a source of pride for the owner. ESP-TM2 - 12 Station Indoor/Outdoor 120V Irrigation Controller (LNK WiFi-compatible) $440. XCZ100PRBLC - Wide Flow Light Commercial Control Zone Kit with 1 in. Your home irrigation system consists of a controller which waters your lawn in cycles and sprinklers with adjustable heads. Professional grade rotor offers rugged durability and performance. Install master valves, pressure regulators, and backflow preventers as needed. With flow rates ranging from 33 gpm to 110 gpm, …. start_irrigation data: entity_id: switch. The 3500 Series Rotor is an easy to use short- to mid-range ½" gear-drive rotor, offering value and convenience for residential applications. Maximum coverage area: 3000 sq ft (depends on sprinkler placement and water pressure/flow) Rectangular watering area with proper head-to-head coverage: 512 sq. 1/12 Service Overview Complete both pages and fax ormail to Rain Bird Design Service. Superior flexibility - easy to use and coil in all weather conditions down to -40° Fahrenheit. How To Adjust Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads. 4″ pop-up height with easily adjustable 0° to 360° pattern ideal for watering odd-shaped areas. Read this manual carefully and keep it in a handy place for future reference. Adjustable deflector flap adjusts stream length from 20-foot (6m) to 41-foot (12. Use string to show where the pipe will run. Back by five-year Customer Satisfaction Policy. Works with all 16-17mm dripline and blank tubing. Two sprinkler models available: 35A-PJ includes "Precision Jet" (PJ) arm design, 35A-TNT includes standard style spoon design. Easy to install and adjust; full (360°) or part circle (20° to 340°) coverage with infinite. Rain Bird can help with product information, manuals, guides, and training. 42 The Intelligent Use of Water. Designed to stand up to the harsh chemicals that are often found in recycled water, Rain Bird Non. PVC Class 160 IPS Plastic Pipe: Reference. I can get these numbers off the manual as the . I noticed that they often played in the puddle that formed in a rock garden next door when it rained. The Rain Bird RSD Series Rain Sensor automatically shuts off your sprinkler system when it rains, so you don't have to worry when you're home or away. Don’t forget to label: Be sure to label all areas of your yard that you want watered. Rain Bird offers a range of durable, non-corrosive plastic adapters for attaching nozzles to risers, including: PA-8S-PRS Pressure Regulating Shrub Adapter at 30 psi PA-8S-P45 Pressure Regulating Shrub Adapter at 45 psi PA-8S Plastic Shrub Adapter PA-8S-NP Non-Potable Plastic Shrub Adapter For more information on pressure regulation legislation: …. The precipitation rate of the sprinklers you have selected for the project should be calculated to determine first if the rate exceeds the soil’s intake rate (which it shouldn’t) and, secondly, if the rate will apply enough water during acceptable operating times to meet the irrigation requirement …. Hablamos Español! Free shipping on orders over $99* Skip to Content. Heavy-duty design for longest life. This Item: ARC8 App Based Residential Controller - 8 Zone. Look to Rain Bird for parts you can rely on. Rain Bird will make sprinkler head recommendations. 3 Ways to Adjust Rainbird Sprinklers. LG-3 - Mini-Paw Pop-Up ½” Inlet Impact Rotor Sprinkler. How to Prep & Winterize a Rain Bird Sprinkler System The. Statement: Rain Bird Corporation is the leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services. * Minimum water flow for designing a sprinkler system is 8 GPM. Best of all, you can upgrade the ESP-Me by simply. Features : #1 commercial-grade irrigation spray head brand in the world. These include Xeri-Bugs, PC Modules, Xeri-Bubblers, and Xeri-Sprays. Measure and prepare the area for the sprinkler system: For this job, you’ll need graph paper, a pencil and a tape measure. Get it right here: https://amzn. Check out the Dripline Product Selection Guide today under the More button. Simple to set timer (sst) (10 pages) Timer Rain Bird ST8-WiFi Installation Manual And Operation Manual. This guide covers the basics of design, installation, and maintenance for Rain Bird’s XF Series Dripline. and Canada) Rain Bird Corporation 970 West Sierra …. com* *See last page for directions Draw my property View my design Print my plan Use our no hassle, no wait, no charge, Sprinkler System Designer™ Program at orbitonline. Water Saver brass weighted PJ spray guide arm controls stream, prevents side splash onto buildings and walkways ; Removable bayonet nozzle for easy cleaning ; Straight-through-flow sprinkler design for superior performance in dirty water conditions ; Full circle (360°) or part circle (20° to 340°) coverage with infinite pattern adjustment. The wire terminals are located behind the panel. Working pressure is the approximate working pressure at the head, and should be used only as a guide when. It has been designed and tested to ensure the high reliability demanded by the market today. Available in 5/8" and 3/4" inside diameter. Learn about the benefits of an automatic sprinkler system, including how this convenient watering method helps conserve water while providing better coverage for your lawn and landscape than manual methods. Tools needed: Small flat blade screwdriver. The key to the popularity of this course is its hands-on approach; Participants are given opportunities to perform practical exercises in irrigation design using an in-class site plan. Variable Arc Nozzle PRS Sprinkler. To download a file, just right-click on the link and select "Save Target As" from the menu. Fits all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters. This Item: 42SA+ - Heavy Duty Simple Adjust Professional ¾" Inlet Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler. Works with a full range of water pressures, 25 to 55 psi. Modular Timers; WiFi Timers; We’re your guide for effortless, environmentally- friendly water solutions. 42SA+ Heavy Duty Simple Adjust Rotor Sprinklers. 33-DNP, 44-NP, and 5-NP covers …. Lawns, shrubs, trees and ground covers may all require different types. Homeowners! If you have any questions or need personal assistance, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-RAINBIRD (1-800-724-6247) Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time. Newly-designed adapter with larger tabs makes installation quicker and easier; can be used on. Welcome back to The Sprinkler Channel! Today we are talking about your sprinkler system dripline your landscape drip line or simply put your drip system. Compatible with the following Rain Bird controller models: ESP-ME3. Use a hand towel to carefully dig down the line. Sprinkler System Installation Guide Okay, the planning's done, you've bought all the parts, now you're in the yard, shovel in hand, ready to start. Then twist it to the left until it stops. On a 2:1 slope, a properly adjusted sprinkler will throw about 80 percent of its radius above the head and 120 percent of its radius below …. 5 ESP-ME3 Controller EN Connect Pump Start Relay (optional) a Connect a wire from the PSR (pump start relay) to the MV (master valve) terminal on the Base Module. It is easy to adjust and comes with 5 extra. Access irrigation design services when you buy direct. Shop Rain Bird Sprinklers and Nozzles Online. Works with most irrigation valve models that use 24 VAC. Rain Bird 's exclusive feature which allows you to break the total irrigation run time into shorter cycles, segmented by breaks or soaks during which the landscape has time to absorb the water. Find Rain Bird sprinklers for every application. Between the main shut-off and the house, cut a 1-inch section out of the service line. While the process does not make the water suitable for drinking, it can be used for irrigation, industrial cooling, street sweeping, and more. Plastic U-Series Nozzle - Full-Circle Spray Pattern (360 Degree) $2. Maximum coverage area: 3000 sq ft (depends on sprinkler placement and water pressure/flow) Rectangular watering area with proper head-to-head …. Diffuser screw breaks water into smaller …. 4252NZLPK - Rotor Nozzle Tree for 42SA+, 52SA & 5000+ Rotors. Rain Bird supports the use of trained irrigation professionals for system design and installation. 1ZEHTMR timer pdf manual download. PDF | The design and operation of sprinkler irrigation systems are presented and discussed in this chapter. Rain Bird">6 Tips to Water Your Lawn Responsibly. All of our general irrigation and irrigation design classes are designed to develop irrigation professionals and do not include a product sales pitch. Stations: 60 or 240 (pro) Type: 2-Wire, Integrated Valve Module. If you plan to hire professionals to perform a blow. A simple wiring configuration and absence of protective enclosures keeps installation and maintenance costs low. A multi-function wiper seal and tapered riser keep the stem clear of debris, providing long-term protection. Irrigation System Rain Bird SR3003 Manual. Then record the information on the enclosed Worksheet. com 6991 East Southpoint Road Tucson, AZ …. Adjust flow and radius by turning outer cap. More specifically, the Rain Bird 5000 series are rotary sprinkler heads that are ideal for both residential and …. How to Use Our Landscape Irrigation Planning Designer. Flat-tipped handle used to lift case cap and to unscrew cap to case's female threaded vertical and horizontal inlet. Contact our live irrigation support team by calling or chatting with us today, Si hablo español. Luckily, adjusting these sprinklers is a breeze. Drip irrigation and low-volume irrigation systems from Rain Bird deliver water directly to the root zone of the plant — in the right amounts at the right time. Heavy duty Rain Bird pop-up impact sprinkler Easy to adjust and comes with 5 extra nozzles to customize watering rate Excellent choice for reclaimed water irrigation systems Simple, straight-through flow design for superior performance in dirty water Double-weighted arm provides a slow rotation speed for optimal throw distance Spray distance …. It also creates healthier plant material, less disease, pant. Hablamos Español! Free shipping on orders over $99*. ESP-Me controller pdf manual download. Sprinkler system design services at Rain Bird">Sprinkler system design services at Rain Bird. Top 10 Best Irrigation System in Chicago, IL. DIY Lawn Sprinkler System : r/HomeImprovement. For flows below 3 GPM (0,68 m³h; 0,19 l/s) or any Landscape Drip products application, use a 200 mesh filter installed upstream. Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for. * Enter discount code: UPGRADE15 at checkout to save an extra 15% o˜* * Additional discount not valid on …. 1802LNPRS – 2 in Pop-up Spray Head – With Pressure Regulator - No Nozzle. Purchase from the Official Rain Bird Online Store to chat. The initial programming of your Rain Bird system is the most tedious activity since you have to input your stations and …. Rain Bird engineers the industry's best golf course irrigation products, from golf rotors to pump stations. Unknown/Desconocido Rain Bird Dealers / Distribuidores de Rain Bird. 1802HV15PR - 2 in Pop-up Spray Head – High-Efficiency Variable Arc (0–360°) 15 ft Range with Pressure Regulator. Rain Bird œThe Intelligent Use of Water". Locate this valve’s drain cap and open the valve to drain the last of the water left between the irrigation system and the backflow device. install the Rain Sensor where it could. The sprinkler shall be as manufactured by Rain Bird Sprinkler Mfg. Rain Bird's Free Sprinkler Design Service guide (available at most dealers or by calling the Expert Advice hotline at 1-800-RAIN-BIRD) for specific. Bundle - Faucet Connection Kit & BE50/4PK - 1/2 in. In the following sections, we will discuss how to adjust and maintain Rain Bird 1800 Pop up Sprinkler Heads. Featuring a step by step guide, and free design services to get you started the right way. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. Use string to mark the path where the pipe will be installed. Head pops up but only dribbles. Dual program sprinkler timer owners manual / operating guide / installation guide 4/6 station / with pump start (14 pages). Rain Bird Sports Field Designs: Baseball | Football | Soccer | Tennis | Lacrosse | Little League | Cricket. XFCV Dripline with Heavy Duty Check Valve. SiteControl is an easy to use, interactive central control system for single contiguous site applications. ⬇️⬇️ RAIN BIRD SPRINKLER SYSTEM + QUALITY LAWN CARE PRODUCTS ⬇️⬇️Rain Bird Sprinkler System https://amzn. The videos below will take you through the basics of automatic irrigation -- including how an irrigation system works, the different types of sprinklers and components used in a system, and some key terms and concepts like water pressure, flow rate and valve zones. Let us help you, give us a call at 877-727-8772. Holds 1/4" drip distribution tubing in place at the root zone. For plants that need extra water, insert 1. Simple zone-by-zone setting allows you to customize watering schedules for each area of your yard. We offer a wide range of spray nozzle types, including fixed spray, bubbler, rotary spray and high-efficiency nozzles. please call the Rain Bird Technical Assistance hotline at 800-247-3782. Professional-grade sprinklers equipped with our highest efficiency nozzles Superior coverage uniformity helps reduce run time up to 35% to conserve water Choice of HEVAN adjustable arc or Dual Spray fixed pattern nozzles Spray distance up to 15 ft Pressure range 15 to 30 psi 1/2" bottom inlet. If you're using a master valve, Rain Bird denotes it with a black wire or a two-tone white and orange wire. Add more sprinklers to cover your entire property. Grip the spray head between two fingers. Pump Station Request For Information Form Rain Bird offers a variety of irrigation pump stations to meet your specific application needs, from light commercial complete pump stations to highly engineered and customized pumping solutions for a wide range of applications. To ensure that your lawn is getting the right amount of water, you need to adjust and maintain the sprinkler heads properly. Trusted for decades, Rain Bird® MPR Nozzles simplify the design process by allowing sprinklers with various arcs and radii to be mixed on the same zone while maintaining even water distribution rates. Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Nozzles simplify both the design process and the installation of rotors, because they reliably deliver matched precipitation rates within and between rotor radii from 25' to 35'. Move the entire rotor case to line up the left edge in the right place. That means 6" above the highest sprinkler when its stem is in the down position. Look for the center cap on the rotor case. Adjust flow/radius by turning integral ball valve. CRC Series Sprinkler Timers are reliable and easy-to-use controllers for residential and light commercial irrigation systems. Design Service; Rain Bird Select Contractors; Knowledge Center; Shop. 42064 - Maxi-Paw and Mini-Paw Pop-Up Impact Sprinkler Wrench and Lifting Tool. Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation Catalog. Learn how to setup and maintain your sprinkler systems at Rain Bird. Start designing Excluding tubing and valve boxes watering system, sprinkler system, smart landscape system, smart controllers, smart timers. The IC Rain Bird IC System Design Guide · Rain Bird IC System Interface . 1800 Series pop-up spray head with high-efficiency variable arc nozzle Strong stainless steel spring provides reliable stem retraction Constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion resistant stainless steel parts, assuring long product life High Efficiency” adjustable nozzle is up to 40% more efficient than other adjustable …. This specialty nozzle is designed with a ½" female pipe connection for mounting above ground on a standard ½" riser. Operations Guide ESP-MC, ESP-SAT, ESP-SITE-Satellite and Maxicom2 Interface Board (MIB) Kit P/N 634593 REV F. Add a manual shutoff valve to stop flow in a section that is getting too wet. series MPR nozzles and Rain Bird R-VAN Rotary Nozzles in the same zone allows for matched precipitation from 8’ to 35’ (2. Rain Bird detail drawings for Sports Field Irrigation products are now available in two popular formats: DWG for AutoCAD users, and PDF for easy viewing and printing. The Rain Bird Smart Irrigation WiFi Timer places control of your sprinkler system in the palm of your hand while saving time, water, and money. Such spot watering allows you to:. This professional grade anti-siphon valve replaces Rain Bird and other irrigation valves installed above ground with 3/4 in. XCZ100PRBR - Wide Flow Commercial Control Zone Kit with 1 in. SPORTS FIELD DESIGN Online Irrigation Calculators. Methods for Winterizing Irrigation Systems. Welcome and thank you for purchasing the Rain Bird SST Smart Controller! In the following pages, you will find step by step instructions on how to use every function included in your Controller. This powerful sprinkler features a 30 ft. Proven impact drive with straight-through flow for superior performance in dirty water. Weather, Destroyer of Bridges. Rain Bird’s Sprinkler Knowledge Center with tips and ">Rain Bird’s Sprinkler Knowledge Center with tips and. Section “A” supports all the sprinklers on the lateral line for a total of four sprinklers at 9. The display shows a blinking sprinkler symbol, the on the display. A popular tradition for automatic watering systems. An automatic sprinkler system will do a more efficient job because it will be designed based on your landscapes diverse watering needs, using specific products designed to water grass, trees, shrubs or garden plants. When overlapped, the weak area of coverage from one sprinkler is supple-mented by the surrounding sprinklers. LFX300 Low Flow Sprinkler. Spiral barbed fittings screw in for leak-tight assembly. ARC8 App Based Residential Controller - 8 Zone. This booklet is intended to give homeowners an idea of what it takes to design and install a small site irrigation system. Step 5: Design Sprinkler Heads Layout. A heavy duty spring ensures that they retract every time. For system design information, refer to the Rain Bird lrrigation Design Guide. One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing. #1, Tucson, AZ 85706 1-800-RAIN-BIRD (520) 434-6290 FAX MANUAL DRAIN VALVE DESIGN AND PROCEDURE Repeat this procedure for all manual drain valves on the sprinkler system mainline. Rain Bird’s ESP-LXIVM Series 2-Wire controllers are designed for the largest and most demanding sites, such as housing or condominium complexes, schools, sports fi elds, parks and public spaces, or large industrial and commercial sites. FPT Inline Sprinkler Valve with Flow Control. The proper nozzle ensures accurate, even delivery of water in the pattern you need. Accurate Adjustments Arc and radius can be adjusted while maintaining matched precipitation. They are built to perform and last for years in all conditions. Your Rain Bird control box is powerful, and easy to use. Choose a hose-end sprinkler system if your garden is small or if you only need to water certain areas.